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Plastic products are widely used in life, from daily appliances like pen, nylon bag, chair, desk, toy,… to products for industry-agriculture use like PP bag, tarpaulin, geo-fabric, agri-film, etc... In addition to fully meet domestic demand, plastic products are exported to many nations worldwide and highly rated by foreign consumers due to reasonable price, high quality and nice packing. The overall export value was estimated at USD 800 million in 2009, annual growth rate is always above 20% during the recent years. Although plastic industry is very potential, however, investment is not well done, especially investment for feedstock production. Almost 100% raw materials must be imported. Viet Nam is now importing about 40 kinds of main materials and hundred types of chemicals and auxiliary materials for production. Major importing goods are PP about 500,000 tons per year, PE (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) 700,000 tons, PVC 300,000 tons and PS about 200,000 tons.
Petrolimex International Trading Joint – Stock Company (also well known as Pitco) has taken part in the plastic market since 2005 and has obtained much achievements. Especially, we are now becoming one of the leading reputable plastic resin suppliers in Viet Nam. Year to year output increases rapidly, 2009 alone reached nearly 5,000 tons, of which PP (yarn, injection) about 2,500 tons, PE (HDPE yarn, film, LLDPE film) about 2,000 tons. Our products are directly imported from major groups in the world like ExxonMobil, Sabic, Basell, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Reliance, TPC, SCG, Formosa and so on… Therefore, product quality is guaranteed all the times and price is very competitive. Our company is always highly appreciated by domestic and foreign partners thanks to keeping credit in business. Morever, good service, flexible payment will make all of you feel satisfied at anytime.

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